This Ancient "Poop Protocol"
Unlocks the Secret to
Erasing Years of Back Pain...
In Just 90 Seconds

PROVEN EFFECTIVE: For Olympic Weightlifters,
Black Belt Martial Artists, & Special Ops Warriors...

And thousands of everyday citizens
Struggling with chronic back pain, sciatica, and herniated disks

No one saw the massive speed bump... until it was too late.


We hit the hidden obstacle at 60 mph...

BEFORE the city's street crew could paint it with bright yellow "alert" stripes or put up warning signs.

Speed Bump

This meant... I had officially entered the "Pain Maze" - where chronic, debilitating back pain would haunt me... with no exit in sight.

I felt like I was going round and round in circles...

Spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on so called "back pain specialists".

And yet... no one really knew how to to help me find the exit out of the confusing "Pain Maze".

Back Pain

That freak accident... stole my life from me.

Until... I met an Olympic Recovery Specialist during a trip to Europe.

I'll introduce him to you in just a minute.

He showed me a simple, albeit strange, 90-second stretch that was part of an ancient "poop pose".

However strange that might sound at first, it's hard to argue with the results.


This is the exact 90-second stretch this Olympic Recovery Specialist used...

To help injured and hurting Olympic weightlifters go from the "sidelines"...

To the medal platform in the 2012 Olympics.

It's a movement that's so easy to master, you'll be able to find relief ANYWHERE.

What's more, it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in OR how old you are.

Because this 90-second stretch targets the "Control Center" of your back.

This "Control Center" is the Grand Central Station of connection for virtually every muscle, tendon, and nerve throughout your back.

And once you discover how simple it is to target your back's "Control Center", that's when you start to get your young, healthy, and most importantly... PAIN-FREE back... back.

What he taught me... turned back the clock... to when I was a twenty-something in college.


I went from being in bed nearly 23-hours a day... with debilitating back pain...

To actually Dancing again ... Gardening... and Cooking... again.

I've FINALLY got my life back.


Hi, my name is Izabella Stambulski.

And I want you to know that if you feel lost and alone inside the "Pain Maze"...

Your'e not alone...

Izabella Stambulski

And it certainly isn't your fault that the specialists you've looked to for help... and for answers... have only caused you to lose hop e... while keeping you DEEP in Pain Maze.

There's a sad but true reason Western Medicine has so completely and utterly failed the ever-growing American population struggling with chronic back pain.

Neck Pain

But... the good news is this:

The information I'll share with you today in this free report...

Has the power to guide you out of the Pain Maze you're living in... right now.

Just like it did for me... after my car accident.

And just like it has for thousands of Americans.

And just like it did for the Olympic weightlifters I mentioned earlier.

You see, these elite athletes had punished their backs in training...

Far beyond the skill of "traditional Western Medicine".

And as a result...

They were relegated to the sidelines.

Much like how you probably feel right now.

Now, most Olympians punish their bodies daily: muscles, joints, tendons, and spine... as they chase their dreams of Olympic glory...

But Olympic weightlifters?

They take the cake when it comes to vicious routines that push their bodies BEYOND the breaking point.

So, if this simple stretch takes Olympians from the sidelines...

Where they thought their dreams were over...

Straight to the podium... and the sheer joy of Olympic glory...

Imagine... what it can... and will... do for you.

Even if right now... the pain is so bad you can't even bend over to pick up a smiling child , plant beautiful flowers in your yard, or take your dog for a walk .

Even if you've already spent thousands of dollars on experts and specialists... and tried every medication and alternative remedy in the book...

Empty wallet

Even if you've begged the heavens with your "SOS" - for just an hour or two of relief...

And... even if you're suffering from crippling sciatica or a dreaded herniated disc .

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I walked every inch of that long, painful, and exhausting road , too.

And I want to help guide you through the maze of back pain that's plaguing our nation right now.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the things you love... but haven't done since your chronic back pain began.

herniated disc

Imagine rough-housing with the bright-eyed, adorable, giggling children in your life.

Imagine being so free from pain... that you wouldn't hesitate to skydive , if that's what made your heart sing.

Imagine the freedom of not being limited by the scourge of back pain.

Imagine having your young back... back.

So... right now... I have a very important question for you.

What if there was a simple way out of the Pain Maze ?

An at-home solution to the epidemic of chronic back pain, sciatica, and even herniated disks...


A solution that won't drain your bank account...

Or require you to pop the latest... and quite possibly addicting... pill.

A solution that won't require hours upon hours of therapy... waiting room visits... or encounters with specialists that only give you false hope.

Waiting room

What if all it required... was just 12 minutes of your time?

Wouldn't you want a 12-Minute, At-Home Solution to your never-ending back pain?

Then I invite you, for the sake of your health... and happiness... to watch this free report... all the way to the end.

In it I will reveal everything you need to know to finally find relief from endless back pain... so you can get your young back... back.

You see...

Complete, and total resolution of my chronic back pain was way more simple and accessible...

Than I ever could have imagined.

I had a trip to Europe on my calendar to visit my son who was getting his master's degree...

And I had plans to connect with old friends there as well.

The moment I got off the plane, my girlfriend saw me struggle down the tarmac like a decrepit old woman.

Her jaw hit the floor, as her eyes, wide like saucers, filled with tears.

"My sweet Izabella", she said, "I've already made an appointment for you."

There was steel in her voice...

"You will NOT leave my city in this much pain."

The very next day, she introduced me to the Olympic Recovery Specialist I mentioned earlier.

His name is Virgil Pruteanu.

Virgil Pruteanu

And as I limped into his office, he smiled at me with compassion... and with a confidence that began to give me hope.

His confidence was well-founded!

As I walked in, I saw photo after photo of smiling faces...

They were everyday people that had found the "Pain Maze" exit... for good.

Smiling Faces

Success Stories - EVERYWHERE

Like Joana S., who said:

"I didn't think I could ever walk again like I did before the accident. Thanks to you, I CAN!"

Or Michaela M., who gushed:

"I was diagnosed with 'untreatable' lumbar scoliosis. After only one session, I feel great. This helped me move again. Well done Virgil!"

I was hoping beyond hope... I might become one of them.

But before I experienced that amazing breakthrough for myself...

Virgil had to break through a handful of back pain lies I had so strongly believed in... for years.

In fact, Virgil helped me destroy 3 Olympic-Sized Back Pain Lies.

lumbar scoliosis

These lies kept me imprisoned in my "Pain Maze," and worse... they kept me from living the life I WANTED to live.

These 3 Lies Keep You Locked in the Pain Maze

Now, if you still haven't found the exit of the "Pain Maze"... don't be too hard on yourself.

The Healthcare System in America... even though it's the most "advanced" in the world... has been broken for YEARS.

Also, keep in mind that these are the same lies The Back Pain Industry... has held up as "gospel truth"... for decades.

Trainer for a team of Olympic weightlifters in the 2012 London Games

Like Mark Twain said,

"A lie can travel halfway around the world... While the truth is still putting on its shoes."

But... as of right now, you'll FINALLY be able see through these lies... and expose them for yourself.

Just as Virgil did as the lead Back Health -Trainer for a team of Olympic weightlifters in the 2012 London Games...

Now... here are the 3 "Back Pain Lies" I hope you never fall for again.

LIE #1: Chronic Back Pain Is Like Death & Taxes - You Just Have Learn to Live With It

"Thanks Virgil, this is a miracle! I almost forgot how to smile. I thought I just needed to get used to this pain. You managed to fix my spondylosis. Thank you and I strongly recommend this." ~ Anisoara I.

"Well done! Thanks to you, I'm entirely functional again." ~ Carmen B.

In just a minute, I'll tell you about Dimitri, one of Virgil's patients.

Like me, he'd suffered debilitating back pain caused by an accident...

And was told he just had to "learn to manage it" with pills and a wheelchair.

Dimitri was imprisoned for 6 long years...

back-pain-correcting system

Until he discovered Virgil's all-natural, back-pain-correcting system.

The result?

Let's just say the transformation... is of BIBLICAL proportions!

Like Dimitri, "learning to live with it"... and "managing the pain with pills"... was the lie I had believed up until I met Virgil.

You Don't Have to Just "Live With It"

But unfortunately, this is how the system is set up... it gets you chasing an endless chain of interventions... which ultimately prove to be ineffective at best...

And massively harmful at worst.

Which leads people to believe their chronic back pain... is a life sentence.

Check out this shocking news report that exposed how the existing healthcare system is rigged to perpetuate this lie:

"Pain Management" techniques like Rx Meds, joint blocks, epidurals, disc procedures, and ligament injections increased by 95% in the 5 years between 1998 and 2003.

life sentence

What's worse, those same techniques and procedures more than doubled... to 222% in the same 5 years... within the Medicare population!

How sinister is it... that the Back Pain Industry targets the aging generation, taking even GREATER advantage of us?

happy family

In Cahoots With The Opioid Industry

What's worse, the Back Pain Industry is in bed with the Opioid Industry...

A "solution" with two catastrophic problems. Check this out.

Problem 1: Pain Pills ONLY treat the symptoms of the problem... not the CAUSE.

And, as you'll see in just a minute, even if they're anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), these pills interrupt your body's natural healing process...

And keep you in a perpetual state of pain... and dependence.

Problem 2: Pain relievers... can be deadly.

The Opioid Dependency Crisis has reached epidemic proportions here in the US.

The Opioid Dependency Crisis

Americans. Are. Addicted.

And get this... opioids are 80-100 times stronger... and more addictive... than MORPHINE!

Fentanyl, the most common synthetic opioid, was developed specifically for the "Pain Management" industry that LOVES repeat "customers!"

It's easy to see why Americans account for nearly ⅓ of the world's fentanyl consumption.

And... it's obvious that the Back Pain Industry... has no interest in you ACTUALLY becoming pain-free...

3 waves of the Rise Opiod Overdose Deaths

Opioids = 3X More Deadly Than Heroin

Even though opioids kill 3x as many Americans as heroin!

In fact, Opioid abuse claims 130 American lives... every single day.

Yet prescribing pills continues to be OPTION#1 for the Back Pain Industry.

In 2014, 2 opioid prescriptions were given out... for every 3 Americans.

If you've ever been handed pills... and were told it was the solution to your back pain...

I do not blame you for feeling massively taken advantage of...

I know I did when I started to see this lie for what it is!

It's no wonder the Back Pain Industry wants to silence simple, all-natural success stories like mine!

Chronic Back Pain IS Reversible

Listen... contrary to the Back Pain Industry's lie, chronic back pain is NOT just something you have to learn to "manage" with a life-stealing prescription.

It IS reversible!

You DON'T just have to learn to "manage the pain" and "live with it."

You see, after just 1 encounter with Virgil's all-natural System...

I was finally WALKING... PAIN-FREE!

I was no longer experiencing the sharp, stabbing, and searing pain I had struggled with for MONTHS.

And the joy I felt the day I became pain-free...

It's simply hard to find the words.

"Walking, Leaping, & Dancing for Joy"

Well, I'm sure you can imagine for yourself...

How ecstatic you'd be... if right now... in this very moment... all you felt was lightness and ease in your body. Now...

It was during that first visit with Virgil that he told me about Dimitri.

Imprisoned in a wheelchair for 6 years... after falling victim to the Back Pain Industry's assault on his back with pills, injections, and surgery.

He'd finally been told he'd just have to "learn to live with it"...

Backpain Medicine

That his chronic back pain was permanent and irreversible.

He had a medicine cabinet chock-full of dangerous prescriptions... so many it was hard to keep track of.

But... through Virgil's all-natural System,

Dimitri was able to see through this vicious lie... ditch his wheelchair... and start walking again.

I Can Only Imagine...

Can you imagine what Dimitri felt as he started walking again for the first time in 6 years???

I imagine he felt like the lame man Jesus healed!

Now... can you imagine what your life will feel like when you're able to dissolve the belief that you'll have to "learn to live with pain" or forever have to "manage pain"?

If you've believed your chronic back pain is permanent...

Forever your fate...

Please know this: it's NOT true! And it's NOT your fault for believing so!

It's the result of a well-run, financially-incentivised, pharmaceutical propaganda campaign that's been horribly successful in keeping MILLIONS imprisoned to outdated protocols and back pain meds... for DECADES!

"I'm a different woman thanks to Virgil. I had suffered for a long time with a herniated disc. After only one session I felt great. All the other methods I tried (pain pills, injections, all kinds of procedures and anti-inflammatory drugs) didn't help at all and were so expensive. I feel so very good now. I want to thank Virgil from the bottom of my heart and I warmly recommend what he teaches." ~ Liliana O.

You see, there is HOPE... and it comes in the form of one of THE MOST COMMON molecules on planet earth...

It's the single most UNCOMMON MOLECULE present in your back... when it comes to chronic back pain...

And I'll tell you everything you need to know about this one molecule... in just a minute.


But first, you need to buckle your seatbelt for Back Pain LIE #2.

It has to do with the "mysterious source" of just about every instance of chronic back pain that you can think of!

LIE #2: Finding The True Source of Back Pain... is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

I'm sure you've been told finding lasting relief for your chronic back pain is a long, confusing, and exhausting journey.

And that's likely what's brought you to this free presentation today.

Like most people struggling with chronic back pain...

It can feel like you're in a maze... going round and round...

Seeing one specialist after another...

Bouncing from one approach to the next...

Trying muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and prescription meds, experimenting with dangerous injections...


Or even try drinking strange concoctions like SCORPION VENOM like I did!

While never finding a lasting solution.

The Solution... Is "Sacred"

But... what if the answer wasn't nearly as complex and mysterious as all those specialists have made it seem?

What if I told you there's ONE REGION... about 9 inches square...

That actually holds the ONE key... to unlocking back pain... no matter where it's found in your back?

Take a look at this illustration Virgil showed me in his office.

Although it looks complicated...

It actually reveals...

The ONE SPECIFIC area where the majority of your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and nerves) - connects...

The ONE REGION... that unlocks virtually every single instance of back pain.

And while the anatomy of the back LOOKS complicated... it truly isn't...

Because what causes pain in ALL of us...

And thus... what relieves pain in ALL of us...

Is not some needle in a haystack.

Human Body

You just have to know where to look.

And Virgil revealed that to me as well.

Take a look at this close up of the same illustration.

This is considered your back's "Sacral Region."

Or "Sacral Plexus"...

The ancient Greeks and Romans... both named the Sacrum "The Holy Bone."

The Holy Bone

The Sacred "Temple" of Your Back

Traditionally recognized as the "Temple" of the back.

It's little wonder... when you see how crucial this region is.

Now... do you see how "busy" this area is, especially compared to the rest of your back?

What Virgil showed me is that this region... functions as the "Control Center" of your back.

Virtually every nerve, muscle, and tendon in your back either attaches TO... or passes THROUGH...

This all-important Sacral Plexus.

How to Control the Control Center

Now, here's what's critical for you to understand about this "Control Center."

The health of your WHOLE back... DEPENDS on the health of your Sacral Plexus.

And in almost ALL of Virgil's patients... fixing the problem of back pain...

Starts and stops... with your Sacral Complex.

Even if you have sciatic pain shooting down your leg...

Or, if pain is radiating up into your neck...

That pain... has a connection to your Sacral Plexus.

But Virgil noticed something very alarming about chronic back pain...

90% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives.


Back pain is now the leading cause of disability in people under 45 years old.

sciatic pain shooting down your leg

Where Back Pain is NON-EXISTENT

However, Virgil discovered something equally astounding.

Chronic back pain is virtually non-existent in non-industrialized, "primitive" cultures.

These non-industrialized "primitive" cultures all have ONE POSTURE in common...

A culture-wide daily posture... that helps promote the health of the Holy Bone - automatically.

It's a daily movement that's part of "everyday life" - and it's helping keep these individuals immune to chronic back pain.

You'll also want to know that industrialized countries abandoned this pose centuries ago...

Right when chronic back pain arrived on our shores.

The "Skeleton Key" To Chronic Back Pain

But... the primitive pose Virgil showed me... and I'll tell you about in just a minute...

Is the one KEY FIRST STEP... in reversing back pain.

THE skeleton key to unlocking your Sacral Plexus...

So you can start getting you the pain relief you want, need, and deserve.

Finally allowing you to get your young back... back...

You see, resolving and eliminating back pain... is simple... even easy... when you know exactly where to start: opening up Your Sacral Plexus.

How sad is it... that the VAST MAJORITY of Americans suffering from chronic back pain... are still searching for that needle in a haystack.

Sacral Plexus

What's more... the VAST MAJORITY of Americans STILL haven't been told that virtually every back problem starts and ends... with the Sacral Region.

Western Medicine is still held hostage by the powerful Back Pain Industry... who profit... by keeping people in pain and dependent on a system driven by Big Pharma!

So many of Virgil's students have escaped this vicious cycle... like Maggie W., who said:

"A year ago, I started having huge pains in my back. A rheumatologist told me I had cervical spondylosis. The pain was getting worse over time. Nothing was helping. Not even all the pills I tried. After a one session, my pains were gone, and I regained my mobility. Before I couldn't raise my hands or dress. I'm speechless. This is amazing."

And Nona M., who wrote in:

"I was suffering from occipital neuralgia for more than 4 years. I took a lot of drugs, including some that were giving me unbearable side effects. The pain was awful, I couldn't stand the light, the noise, I wasn't eating, I couldn't do anything, not even sleep. After only one session, my pains disappeared."

Lie #3: Inflammation Is Your Back's #1 Enemy And Anti-Inflammatories Are Your Best Friend

Information about inflammation is everywhere these days - from news reports to talk shows.

And for good reason.

According to Harvard Medical School, it is at the root of MOST chronic diseases.

Harvard Medical School

Like cancer.. Heart disease... and even Alzheimer's.

But you see... as a result...

The Back Pain Industry found a way to profit off of the "problem of inflammation" by developing countless anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like:

  • Aspirin
  • Celecoxib (Celebrex)
  • Diclofenac (Cambia, Cataflam, Voltaren-xr, Zipsor, Zorvolex)
  • Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)
  • Indomethacin (Indocin)

Plus a handful of problematic, "discontinued" anti-inflammatories.

So, if a doctor or specialist has told you "Inflammation" is your enemy when it comes to chronic back pain... they'd be right...

But only HALF RIGHT.

You see, the inflammatory response is actually a NATURAL PROCESS your body undergoes to battle against harmful things like toxins, infections, and injuries.

It's the vital process that BRINGS healing to damaged cells in the body.

Simply put, the inflammatory response... is your FRIEND... not your enemy.

But prescribing anti-inflammatories as STEP #1 when addressing back pain...

Creates a problem. A BIG problem.

When introduced too soon, anti-inflammatory drugs INTERRUPT the healing process.

anti-inflammatory drugs

While your body is NATURALLY trying to repair injured cells in your soft tissue, anti-inflammatories HIJACK this natural repair process...

Which ends up delaying and PROLONGING the healing process, leaving your body in an inflamed state of constant alert.

Chronic Inflammation is Chronically Harmful

And the inflammation that initially brought healing... can become chronic...

Which means it starts betraying you by attacking your HEALTHY cells...

Damaging your tissues, joints, and even your organs.

In other words, the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FIRST approach... can actually make things WAY worse.

A recent report by the American Physical Therapy Association has called into question the almost "automatic" reliance on anti-inflammatories to address soft tissue injuries.

Many experts cite growing evidence that this "artificial anti-inflammatory" approach interrupts and delays, rather than helps, the healing process...

But... as distressing as that is, here's where the 3rd, and perhaps most shocking, lie comes into play.

What Virgil showed me, was that while chronic inflammation plays a big role in back pain...

Surprise - Your True Enemy is THIS

Inflammation isn't the most sinister villain when it comes to back pain, sciatica, or even herniated disks.

But rather... most sinister villain is called SOFT TISSUE HYPOXIA.

This is where, due to soft tissue constriction, the cells in your soft tissue are starved for OXYGEN...

Because chronic muscle constriction is BLOCKING the critical flow of blood to and from those cells.

Healthy blood flow is critical in keeping your cells healthy.

Your bloodstream carries critical nutrients like oxygen TO your cells...


But your bloodstream also REMOVES dangerous waste and toxins from your cells.

But chronic muscle constriction shuts down this vital process... like a giant roadblock.

Which puts your cells into a state of HYPOXIA.

Toxins and waste get piled up...

And fresh nutrients like oxygen... can't find their way in.

Without a fresh supply of oxygen, prolonged HYPOXIA causes your muscles and tendons to degrade and even break down.


They lose their elasticity and pliability... and their ability to function properly.

Which means YOU lose your MOBILITY...

All of this puts undue and unnatural pressure on the nerves flowing through Grand Central Station of your Sacral Plexus...

Which is how chronic back pain sets in.

Think of the soft tissue in your back... like a knot.

The more you pull on the knot... the tighter and tighter it gets... and the more difficult it becomes to loosen.

Hypoxic soft tissue without oxygen or nutrients... is like a knot that gets pulled... yanked... and tightened from all directions.

And... when it comes to your back... the more fused, knotted, and mashed together your soft tissue becomes...

The deeper... and harder to resolve... your chronic back pain.

The Problem With "Anti-Inflammatory" First

I'm sure by now you can see the problem with the "anti-inflammatory" FIRST approach.

By identifying the wrong villain: inflammation...

And by missing the TRUE culprit: hypoxia...

The Back Pain Industry... hasn't done you any favors.

Listen, I know this is a lot of bad news.

It's a lot to take in... and you may even feel betrayed by the system right now.

I know I did!


But the good news is this.

Once you understand that the ultimate villain is HYPOXIA...

Getting relief to the right area becomes simpler and WAY easier than you ever thought possible.

Getting your young back... back... is simply a matter of re-introducing Oxygen to muscles and tendons that have been starving... for far too long.

Imagine THIS

Imagine yourself gardening again... without a worry in the world.

Imagine yourself golfing or playing tennis again... without wincing in pain with every stroke.

Imagine getting the life you love, and so sorely missed, back.

Now for me...

I can't tell you how fun it was to hit the dance floor again... FINALLY FREE.

Believe me when I tell you, you're seconds away from hearing about the ONE stretch... that can kick HYPOXIA to the curb.

I can't wait to tell you about it.

"For me, Virgil's approach is working very well. I've suffered from L5-S1 disc herniation. But after the first session my pain disappeared." ~ Marian

"Hello, I just want to thank you for everything. After only one session I managed to get rid of occipital neuralgia that I was struggling with for about 3-4 years. It's been 2 weeks now and I have no pain at all. Happy Holidays and a joyous new year! " ~ Maria N.

"The Himalayan King Pose" That Helps Destroy Hypoxia

What if there was ONE stretch...

That could open up your Sacral Plexus...

And allow massive amounts of pain-ridding oxygen to flood the hypoxic cells in your back.

One movement that finally begins to relieve the choking back pain you're struggling with, right now?

What if there was one stretch...


That can put an end to all those Back Pain Industry lies for good...

Lies telling you that you'll NEVER be completely free of chronic back pain...

That you just have to manage your back pain for the rest of your life... with a steady stream of pills, specialists, and interventions...

All while you PRAY for a miracle...

Wouldn't you want to know what it is?

If the answer is "YES," then here are 3 things you need to know right off the bat.

Number 1: What I'm about to show you is a progressive stretch.

In other words, the more you do it, the better your results will be.

Number 2: This stretch STARTS with The "Primitive Poop Pose" I mentioned earlier.

Because this is the pose primitive, non-industrialized cultures use... to poop.

Virgil calls this first stretch "The Himalayan King"...

After the robust armies of the Himalayas, where this pose originated over 5000 years ago...

Virgil took the primitive poop pose... and with one simple tweak...

Made it into a 4-Dimensional stretch, massively increasing the oxygen hyperfusion of the pose.

I'll tell you all about the one tweak Virgil added... in just a moment.

Number 3: This stretch is the very first movement you'll learn in the video course Virgil put together...

Specifically for back pain sufferers just like you...

Introducing "Back Pain SOS"

Back Pain SOS

Here's what just a few of Virgil's students have said about his all-natural approach to banishing back pain:

Alina E. said:

"After only 2 sessions, the pain caused by a cervical & lumbar hernia almost disappeared, even though I never thought this could be possible! Thank you!"

Mihaela D. celebrated:

"It's been two years now without drugs and pain. Thank you, Virgil, for everything. You should listen to him, this is pure gold and a miracle."

Then there's Victoria M., who said:

"I had huge problems with my back, especially with my spine, but with this help, I managed to get rid of my pain and I feel amazing now. I warmly recommend this!"

Back Pain SOS is designed so that once you have it in your hands, you could say goodbye to back pain forever... right in the comfort of your own home...

Without seeing one more specialist... or getting on another frustrating wait list...

Without getting one more dangerous prescription... or being subjected to painful injections.

And without spending another dime on an insurance copay or deductible.

Back Pain SOS is accessible in full 1080p HD digital format so you can access it whenever is most convenient for you.

Bakpain SOS

The Safety, Convenience, & Comfort of Your Own Home

Become pain-free in the comfort of your own home... or anywhere you travel in the world!

Now, before I tell you everything you get when you order the Back Pain SOS, you need to understand that this is far more than a "collection" of random stretches, movements, or poses.

Virgil's entire approach is based on a progression he calls the "Sequential Oxygen System" or SOS SYSTEM for short.

The SOS SYSTEM is designed to systematically and progressively unlock and open up hypoxic cells to more and more oxygen... sequentially.

You see, if you perform "back stretches" in any random order... you can miss out on the full benefit of them...

And in some instances, if your body isn't ready for them... certain stretches can actually do more harm than good.

So when you invest in your pain-free back today, you're investing in a system that has been perfectly formulated to progressively increases circulation, starting in the Sacral Plexus... then extending ALL OVER your back... radically reducing your pain.

But it starts in the one place that matters most: the Sacral Plexus, your holy bone.

The very first sequence you'll encounter inside Back Pain SOS is a 5 Move sequence that starts with "The Himalayan King."

Sacral Plexus

I'm going to hit "pause" for just a moment to tell you exactly how to perform this stretch... then I'll continue showing you everything you get when you order Back Pain SOS today.

I truly want you to start experiencing relief... as soon as humanly possible.

Here's how it works:

Here's How To Perform the "Himalayan King"

"My neck was so stiff I couldn't move my head for about a month. Now I don't have any problem. Today's medicine teaches us to take drugs, our ancestors lived better and healthier. I recommend Virgil's ancestral techniques." ~ Vasile S.

Now, don't worry if you can't perform this stretch exactly as demonstrated right now.

Remember, this is a progressive movement...

And it's been designed to offer you massive benefit...

No matter the state of your physical body.

The "Himalayan King" is a type of squat that everyone I've worked with has eventually been able to do.


Even if it seems difficult at first.

Even Dimitri, who'd been in a wheelchair for 6 years, eventually got this stretch down pat.

Start Here

So... start with keeping your back as straight as possible.

It may be helpful to perform this against a wall.

While maintaining contact with your back against the wall, begin to lower yourself into a squat.

Ideally keeping your heels on the ground.

In other words, it's stretching the soft tissues in your Sacral Plexus both up and down... and side to side.

This is what's happening INSIDE your cells:

Right now, you're massively increasing the circulation inside oxygen and nutrient-starved cells...

Which carries away toxins... and reduces inflammation... NATURALLY

Then, with your elbows... push your knees outward.

The key to this oxygen-rich movement is that it's a 4-Dimensional (4-D) Stretch.

Sacral Plexus

Reduced inflammation RELIEVES the pressure on sensitive nerves in your Sacral Plexus... reducing your pain.

Now, this is THE MOST POWERFUL 4-Dimensional stretch Virgil knows of...

It's so life-restoring for your Sacral Plexus, which is why it's the very first of 5 sequential movements inside Back Pain SOS.

"I had cervical spondylosis, with daily headaches, back pains and dizziness. After one session I could say that all my pain disappeared miraculously. Thank you and I recommend your therapy to everyone in need." ~ Genoveva R.

Movement #2 is called "Ninja in the Grass,"

... A movement that takes the SOS System to a whole new level.

This move is a tightly-guarded secret of one of the most private martial arts: Ninjutsu.

This movement is specifically performed for recovery and maintaining flexibility.

As a black belt in Ninjutsu, Virgil "borrowed" this secret Ninja move... so you too could learn the back recovery stretch Ninjas use...

To combat hypoxia... supplying fresh oxygen to their Sacral Plexus... so they can keep their backs flexible... even bendable.

With Ninja in the Grass... your back will glean massive benefit from this oxygen-saturating 4-Dimensional stretch.

And like all these movements, the more consistently you do them... the more transformative your progress will be... because you're teaching your body a whole new collection of muscle memory.

And the more permanent your freedom from back pain.

"My husband had an acute pain crisis and could barely move. In only one session, my husband starting to feel much better. I highly recommend Mr. Virgil's system." ~ Mariana D.

Now... the 3rd Movement is called "4 on the Floor."

It's the one movement in this sequence that will require a tool.

You can start out with a simple tennis ball...

But I'll show you the exact product I recommend on Amazon. It's only $7... it can be at your house in 2 days...

And there's a very significant reason this specific ball is the perfect configuration for "Four on the Floor".

Here's why.

You have 4 very specific nerves going through openings in your sacrum.

Virgil calls them the "Priest Nerves" in the temple of your Holy Bone.

And in 99 out of 100 cases Virgil deals with, your "Priest Nerves" are the 4 nerves suffering the MOST from massively compaction.

"Four on The Floor" laser-targets these 4 Priest Nerves

By using an ancient acupressure technique to target this area, you'll be supporting your body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

You'll be flushing out toxins... decreasing inflammation... and refreshing the oxygen supply to your soft tissue.

Remember, inflammation and hypoxia in your Sacral Plexus translates to pain, discomfort, and swelling both in your upper back, your neck, and even down into your legs.

The Sequential Oxygen System... is truly priority #1 for your Sacral Plexus.

Now, this movement will allow your Sacral Plexus to FINALLY breathe a sigh of relief...

I bet you can't wait for that moment to feel your back pain... disappear...

Now, this movement's place in this sequence is hugely important.

Because if you did this pose out of order... without first opening up your sacrum with The Himalayan King and Ninja in the Grass... you could do a lot of damage.

Virgil will walk you through this simple sequence... step by step.

"I want to thank Virgil for taking my pain away. After giving birth I remained with constant unbearable back pain. The simplest tasks became almost impossible to do because of the pain. With just one session, I miraculously regained my mobility! Thank you!" ~ Belle B.

Backpain SOS

The next movement in the sequence is called "The Astronaut Launch"... because you'll be assuming the pose of our NASA heroes at launch.

After the Astronaut Launch comes one more acupressure movement called

The "Backhand 3 Pointer"...

Growing research from Youngstown State University points to direct "nerve connections" throughout our bodies... that when targeted properly, can help drastically reduce back pain.

You'll take advantage of a little-known connection between one specific spot on the back of your hand... to your lower back.

You'll use this simple, yet relaxing acupressure movement to fully achieve all of the benefits of the very first sequence inside Back Pain SOS.

Two VERY important Notes on utilizing this sequence.

Number 1:

Most "stretches" or movements you'll get from a chiropractor, physical therapist, or kinesthesiologist, are typically "two-dimensional."

In other words, they will typically stretch your muscles only two ways: either up and down... or side to side.

Think of the old "Runner's Stretch" we used to do in Gym class.

stretch your muscles

You know, where you bend over to touch your toes?

It's a great example of a two-dimensional movement.

It's ONLY oxygenating your soft tissue in TWO directions, basically up and down.

However, these kinds of stretches provide you with nowhere near the massive benefit inherent in Virgil's dynamic, 4-dimensional postures.

The impact this makes in oxygenating your desperate muscles and tendons cannot be overstated.

When you stretch your muscles in FOUR-DIMENSIONS simultaneously...

Your back can quickly become the pliable, flexible, oxygen-infused and pain-free foundation it was when you were young!

No other approach is built around the 4-dimensional SOS System.

And frankly, your back is starving for the oxygen the 4-D SOS System will give it!

Note #2:

Performing the entire SOS System in 4-D will only take between 10-12 minutes.

But Virgil emphasizes that the more you do it... the better your results will be.

Some of Virgil's students go through it once in the morning and once in the evening.

Still others go through it 3x a day.

Still others double up (do it twice in a row)... morning noon and night.

The results... will compound... and the more consistent you are, the more carry over you'll experience from day to day.

The Comprehensive SOS System

Now... Sequence #1 is just the tip of the iceberg inside Back Pain SOS.

There's so much more you're going to get in sequential life-infusing stretches and movements!

In fact, there's a total of 100 stretches, movements, poses, and pressure points available inside Back Pain SOS!

Virgil went above and beyond... to make Back Pain SOS a comprehensive guide to getting your young back... back.

But again, don't worry if that sounds overwhelming... because Virgil makes it so clear and easy to understand as he sequentially walk you through everything you'll need.

When you invest in a pain-free back today, you're not getting a random handful of movements, exercises, and stretches.

You're getting a comprehensive and integrated System that will help make your back bulletproof to pain well into the future.

How and WHERE You Begin... Makes ALL the Difference!

The SYMPTOM CHECKER in Back Pain SOS alone is worth the price of admission!

Aside from the Himalayan sequence, the very first module you'll visit will be the SYMPTOM CHECKER... which may be worth the price of admission in and of itself.

Because this is where Virgil will help you assess EXACTLY what your symptoms are RIGHT NOW with your back pain...

And then... what's even better... Virgil will guide you through EXACTLY what your FIRST STEP is... and what your NEXT STEP needs to be for ultimate relief...

No matter what type of back pain you're suffering from right now... or the location.

Virgil helps you get the information you need to get you on the right track... fast.

For example, if you can't even walk because of your back pain...

Or... if you can walk, but still have significant pain...

Virgil tells you exactly where to start... and where NOT to.

This is absolutely NOT a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

The Symptom Checker will actually walk you through a customized plan... even if you're suffering from a Herniated Disk or Sciatica.

There's even a path if you've suffered a Fractured vertebrae or if Prosthetics are complicating your back health.

In other words, no matter the severity of your back pain...

No matter the cause of your back pain...

No matter your condition...

There is a customized, personalized, step-by-step process that will gently walk you through the steps to take at home...

To finally get you the relief you so desperately need, want, and deserve.

backpain exercices

Part 1 of Back Pain SOS is called "SOS SOLO SEQUENCE"

After assessing your specific condition in the SYMPTOM CHECKER, Virgil is going to help you go deeper into resolving the hypoxia caused by muscle compaction...

With DIY Solo sequences you can do by yourself... anywhere.

This module is divided into two sections, one for low to moderate back pain... and one that addresses a higher intensity of back pain.

It's going to help you EXTEND the benefits of increased circulation and oxygen supply... in the right sequence for your unique situation.

Since OXYGEN is the Cornerstone of this course, Virgil has added specific 4-D Breathing Techniques that will enhance each and every movement to maximize your soft tissue oxygenation.

What's more, after helping thousands and thousands of back pain sufferers...

Virgil's seen first-hand the power of the right MINDSET... when it comes to eliminating back pain.

There's a special section on getting into... and STAYING in a "healing" focused mindset.

It's another powerful component of BAck Pain SOS that you won't find with your local specialist... because it's just not part of the failing protocols that have dominated Western Medicine for decades.


Inside SOS SOLO SEQUENCE you'll learn the following movements and stretches:

  • Table Top - the movement your mother would have killed you for! But go ahead and put your foot ON the Table... so you can get your lower body and lower back in alignment... and get an extra dose of Oxygen... right where you need it.
  • The Flying Ninja - may LOOK complicated, but it's a natural extension of "Feet On the Table" And "Ninja in the Grass." By Standing... or "flying" you can control the depth of the stretch... and the volume of O2.
  • Next is Bow to Royalty - a simple movement utilizing your kitchen table to "BOW"... all while becoming "Back Royalty."
  • 4 on the Floor 2.0 picks up where version 1 left off, but is an adapted version if your pain is too intense for version 1.
  • Sleeping Baby helps train and support your spine like a sleeping baby... It's one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and oxygen-infusing movements inside Back Pain SOS!
  • Rock & Roly Poly will gently guide you through a dynamic movement that elongates your spine... while using the activate pressure points that send hypoxia scurrying!
  • The Crossed Figure 4 is designed for those with significant pain... and can be adapted to the level of discomfort you're experiencing... all the way from slight to powerful.
  • The Pillow Prayer movement is a breathing movement designed to maximize Oxygen intake into your lungs... as well as into your lower back.

The SOS SOLO SEQUENCE is designed to get you maximum relief... anywhere... anytime... with common household tools and aids... all by yourself.

The Next Module is called "THE SOS PARTNER SEQUENCE"

Working with a partner will take your mobility to a whole new level.

Which is why Virgil designed an entire module around the movements, stretches, and massage techniques you can do at home with a partner.

 exercices with partner

Partners can help extend your range of motion, provide pressure where you can't reach, and provide assistance against both gravity... and discomfort.

This could be your husband, wife, or partner, a caregiver, or even a grandchild can help!

All videos segments include a clear demonstration from multiple angles so you can see "what it looks like."

Plus Virgil provides additional Instructional videos for the caregiver so they know exactly what to do.

This Module starts with the

"SOS Partner Signature Sequence"...

Inside this sequence, you and your partner will discover:

  • Broom Goes the Drum - where your partner will use a $10 Chinese Broom to lightly tap or "drum" on your back. The percussive taps help unlock blood vessels and capillaries, opening up areas of tightness and hypoxia.
  • 4 Square Elbows - your partner will target the 4 "King Pin" Nerves with their elbows... opening up passageways through your Sacral Plexus to battle hypoxia and stagnancy.
  • Massage Tool 4 Square - will follow the same pattern, but with a $6 massage tool.
  • Racing Stripes - your partner will take the massage tool and run "racing stripes" over your Sacral Plexus... further activating the healthy inflammatory response... so that it works RIGHT. Toxins OUT... Oxygen IN.
  • The Jackknife - is a rocking motion that rhythmically positions your partner's elbows where they can target the Sacral PLexus... relieving hypoxia at its source... by separating soft tissue that was once painfully fused together. The Jackknife Opens cells so toxins get flushed out and Oxygen and Nutrients come rushing in.

In addition to the Signature Sequence, Virgil will give your partner detailed instructions on how to put his most effective in-clinic movements to work... right in the comfort of your own home.

This additional segment includes:

  • From Knee to Shining Knee - a knee wave that loosens soft tissue
  • The Oxygen Lever - think of your leg like a big lever your partner pulls and pushes to "pump up" and infiltrate your back with Oxygen
  • The Astronaut Roll Up - your partner helps extend your legs to the sky to release open up your Sacral Plexus
  • The Scissor Spoon - it's like a spoon AND scissors combined... your back will LOVE it
  • The Twisted X - gets you in a full-stretch position, totally inaccessible on your own
  • The Puppy Pounce Push - in this unique pose, your partner will provide a gentle push that will be dynamite at releasing back pain
  • The Roly Poly Partner Bug - provides a gentle roll that helps reduce inflammation... naturally

The SOS PARTNER SEQUENCE is designed to further activate vital circulation all across your back... but with special emphasis on your Sacral Plexus.

Your back will love you AND your partner.


Part 3 of Back Pain SOS is called SOS Massage Tools for Pain Relief

After testing endless pain-relieving tools, Virgil's identified a handful of simple tools that get the "SOS" Stamp of Approval.

More important than the tools themselves...

Virgil will demonstrate exactly how to use each one for maximum efficacy...

Because using the RIGHT tool... the WRONG way... can do more harm than good.

Virgil will walk you through each tool with simple instructions AND with detailed video demonstration.

Included in the toolbox are foam rollers, massage balls, and the massage "claw."

How To "Think Outside The Box"

As well as "Out-of-the-Box" tools used in ancient cultures, like the "Chinese Broom."

Plus some fairly NEW massage tools like The Beastie Bar.

Even though it looks a little scary, it's become a favorite for Virgil's students.

It delights and oxygenates your soft tissues like nothing else.

This collection of tools are a huge hit with weightlifters and athletes.

Just like the ones Virgil helped get to the Olympic podium in 2012.

All because these tools help loosen up muscles and tendons suffering from horrible hypoxia.

And breaks up fused muscles and tendons... relieving pressure on nerves.

Please note: There are more ways to use this tool the WRONG WAY than there are the right way.

And Virgil will SHOW YOU how to avoid injury (it's simple and easy the way he explains it)...

And he'll show you exactly how to use it for MAXIMUM benefit.

To round out SOS MASSAGE TOOLS, Virgil will outline for you a handful of oils and creams that will aid in your recovery...

And get you back to the life you love... FAST.

All of these tools are available for a minimum investment on Amazon, or an online store of your choice.


The final module is all about helping you find quality allies... to help you and your back... STAY pain-free.

After all, sometimes you need a professional ally to further you on your way... to help you if you get stuck... to help you reach what you can't reach on your own...

And to extend your pain relief breakthrough.

But... who can you trust?

Who can you turn to who understands that the answer isn't just more pills and "interventions"?

Your time and money is sooo valuable...

Why waste it on unenlightened "experts"?

And why risk a set back due to an outdated protocol?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a comprehensive list of "qualifying questions" - to help you separate the wheat from the chaff?

That's exactly what Virgil had in mind when he put together this list of questions you can ask ANY professional...

Whether they're a chiropractor... a massage therapist... a kinesthesiologist... or a physical therapist.

 Save money

Virgil wants to MAKE SURE your don't experience a setback in your journey with a pain-free back!

Lay your worries to rest... once and for all... with Virgil's bulletproof list of questions (and answers)... that'll quickly and accurately identify the allies you WANT on YOUR team.

Back Pain = Distant Memory

So your back pain continues to be a distant memory.

Now, if you're anything like I was when I was battling chronic back pain...

You're skeptical of any new "secret" putting itself out there as THE ANSWER to your chronic back pain.

You're right to be skeptical... suspicious even.

After all, The System is set up AGAINST you.

The Back Pain Industry takes your money... hopes you keep coming back... all while never ONCE guaranteeing results.

But that's NOT what Back Pain SOS is all about.


And it's not what Virgil is all about.

Truth is, it wasn't that long ago I was sitting right where you're sitting right now.

Hoping for a REAL solution...

Desperate for a pain-free life...

But after months and months of zero progress... I started believing things would never change...

I had actually started to give into the LIES of "pain management" and "just deal with it".

And let me tell you...

That hurt almost as much as my back pain..

But once I finally learned HOW OXYGEN has the power to unleash the body's natural healing processes...

And when I learned the exact steps to unleash that power...

That's when EVERYTHING changed.

And that's why I'm so confident YOU'LL experience the same pain-free transformation.

So if you're ready right now to discover how to leverage the power of the SOS SYSTEM...

Then all you need to do is click the big "YES! Add to Cart Button" below.

Look, taking action to invest in relieving your back pain... can feel overwhelming at times...

Especially if you've been through the ringer physically... emotionally... financially...

Chasing your tail with the "next hope" - that ended up turning into false hope.

It's frustrating and deflating to feel stuck on the Back Pain Industry's merry-go-round.

Fortunately, Virgil totally understands that frustration...

Which is why he wants to help you by removing any doubts you may have.

For Starters...

For Starters, Virgil is offering you an unprecedented 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If Back Pain SOS doesn't fulfill its promise to help your back become pain-free...

He'll send you your money back!

What doctor, specialist, chiropractor, or therapist has EVER offered a FULL REFUND... if you didn't get the results you want, need, AND deserve?

 Money Back Guarantee

What healthcare professional has ever made you that kind of iron-clad guarantee?

In truth, Virgil's giving you 60 Days... to prove him RIGHT!

You have nothing to lose... except that dreadful pain in your back right now.

After all, if you're like me, you've spent countless dollars on appointments with doctors and specialists... on prescriptions and over-the-counter pain relief meds...

And that's not to mention if you've spent thousands on a surgery... that didn't end up working out like you'd hoped.

For less than the cost of an hour-long massage...

You can have instant access to the pain-relieving information that's worked for countless back pain sufferers.

I'll ask you this again: has any other back pain solution offered you a money back guarantee???

But even better than that... .

Virgil wants to send you a handful of bonuses when you take action today.

Why not be rewarded for investing in your back health???

BONUS #1: The Better Sleep NOW BONUS VIDEO (a $37 value)

The Better Sleep

If you've ever struggled to get to sleep FAST... then wake up feeling REFRESHED...

Because your back made that virtually impossible...

You're definitely going to want to get your hands on this 4-Move, 5-Minute, get-to-sleep-fast, Bedtime Routine.

Virgil will demonstrate this simple routine as a BONUS DVD and DOWNLOAD if you take action today.

This 4 Movement routine includes:

  1. Astronaut Figure 4.1
  2. Astronaut Figure 4.2
  3. Two Towels and a Book (Bible) 1
  4. Two Towels and a Book (Bible) 2The Half Crossed Twist
  5. Half Crossed Figure 4 Twist

The Sequence of these moves is designed to help your body and mind relax...

And to loosen up muscles and tendons... especially when sore and well-worn from the day's activities.

Set yourself up for the best and most comfortable sleep ever - with Better Sleep Now.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You restored my sleep, I can finally rest after 7 years of dreadful pain, waking up every 2 hours and having trouble falling back asleep. In the morning I was more tired than in the evening. All this after only two sessions!" ~ Maria M.


The Second Bonus video is called "Rise and Shine" ($67 Value)

Rise and Shine

In this powerful 7-Minute routine, Virgil will demonstrate on video...

A "Fall Out of Bed" Easy sequence that will help you start your day feeling more energy and vitality than ever.

DO THIS... before your morning coffee...

DO THIS... before your morning shower...

DO THIS FIRST... and watch how your mornings are transformed from groggy, tight, and sore...

To alert, vibrant, and ready to seize the day.

This Bonus Sequence is comprised of the following 96 movements that simply flow one into the other:


Make sure you have a bath towel handy for the following:

  1. Lift, Pull, & Twist
  2. Pillow Top Roly Poly
  3. Astronaut Towel on the Toes
  4. Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  5. Reverse Rocky Balboa with a Towel
  6. Seated Towel on the Toes
  7. The Seated Butterfly


  1. The Bedside Scissor Prayer
  2. The 45° Walkdown

Nothing could be of greater importance to your back and body... than a flood of oxygen, and nutrient-rich blood to your whole body... FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.

If you used to dread waking up because of how painful and tight your back has been...

Rise and Shine helps make that dread a thing of the past.

You deserve to start your day feeling amazing!

Here's the fourth REVOLUTIONARY REASON to invest in your back health today:

Bonus #3 is a SPECIAL REPORT

PAIN SOS: Nature's Morphine

It's called "PAIN SOS: Nature's Morphine"... and it's all about how to relieve pain 100% naturally.

Here's the thing: Life happens.

Especially as we age.

We strain this... push that... and bumps, bruises, strains, and sprains are bound to happen.

But what if there was a legitimate alternative to popping a pain pill or an anti-inflammatory (NSAID)?

Wouldn't you want to have nature's best pain relieving secrets... right at your fingertips?


Well, that's what this special report is all about.

It's knowledge and wisdom taken from cultures OUTSIDE of the modern chemistry craze... and modern industrial greed.

These all-natural solutions don't just "claim" to be effective... they've been proven effective for generations.

But they're all but forgotten... because the medical industrial complex has produced enough "noise" to cover up this knowledge.

But not anymore.

If you take action today, I'll rush this exclusive FREE eBook to your inbox ASAP.

You can have pain relief... without the side effects...

Without interrupting the natural healing process...

Without feeding the industrial medical complex another dime.

And it's yours... 100% free by investing in your health today.

Don't let this resource be lost to your world. I encourage you to take action now.

BONUS #4 is another exclusive SOS eBook.

The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet

It's a special report called "The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet"

This fifth and final SPECIAL BONUS... is a special report you absolutely need in your hands.

It's a special REPORT on how to eat... and what to eat...

To support your body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

You see, there's a dirty little secrets Big Pharma likes to keep from the unsuspecting public and that is this.

As your body ages... it struggles more and more with chronic inflammation.

It's because of a little known cytokine that occurs...

The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet

And if you aren't taking the necessary steps to PREVENT it...

You have no choice but to succumb to its pain-inducing effects..

You... and your body... DESERVE to be in the know.

And it all starts with WHAT and HOW you are nourishing your body.

By shaping the food we eat... so as to train... rather than overstimulate... your body's healthy inflammatory response.

Remember, the inflammatory response in itself is NATURAL... it's how our body rushes healing to trouble spots.

It only becomes HARMFUL... when it becomes chronic and excessive.

You have the power to flip the switch on unhealthy inflammation all by eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidants.

Virgil's done his due diligence to provide you with a 100% FREE GUIDE to the ultimate anti-inflammatory diet.

Here's the best part... it won't cost you MORE at the grocery store.

On the contrary, it will likely cost you LESS!

SAVE money... and feel 1000x better for it.

It's a WIN-WIN.

Get this vital information at your fingertips for the sake of your health... and the sake of your family.

Picture THIS!

For just a moment, I want you to close your eyes and imagine living your life...

FREE of chronic back pain.

Imagine your life... where you're no longer limited by pain.

A life where you're free to do what you love...

When you want to.

Ultimately, it's what you want... need... and deserve.

STOP Backpain

Imagine what it will feel like to have the joy of waking up every morning...

Knowing that your back... will no longer LIMIT your choices.

Live Life - BIGGER

It will NO LONGER make your life SMALLER... than it should be.

Imagine a life where you feel so good in your body... that a whole new world of possibilities is awaiting you... and the ones you love.

All you have to do... is simply CLICK or TAP the button below...

You'll get INSTANT access to the SOS System...

You'll FINALLY be FREE from the chains of Soft Tissue Fusion.

When you click the "Add to Cart" button, you'll be redirected to a 100%-secure order form utilizing military-grade encryption.

You'll then be able to confirm everything that accompanies your purchase today...

So you are 100% in-the-know about everything you're getting to end your chronic back pain, once and for all.

Once your payment is confirmed...

Instant Access = Faster Transformation

You'll get instant access to the SOS System... so you can start your transformation IMMEDIATELY.

Don't let yourself spend another minute in the waiting room... just to see a specialist who only knows of outdated protocols.

Don't let yourself suffer another agonizing moment where you can't focus on anything but your discomfort.

And once and for all... quit giving into the lies of the The Back Pain Industry.

And free yourself from profit-driven Big Pharma..

Here's One Final Thought

Now, I want you to consider one final thought...

For just a moment, I want to invite you to forget everything you've been told about your back pain... up until now...

I want to invite you to think of your back health... not as a set of circumstances that conspired to confine you in the prison of chronic back pain.

But rather I want to invite you to think of your back health... as a choice.

Remember Robert Frost's poem?

Perhaps you read it in high school... the one about "The Road Less Traveled."

He spoke of coming to a crossroads... and taking the road less traveled by the masses...

Here's What Makes The Difference

And how THAT... made all the difference.

You stand... in this moment... at a similar crossroads.

On one side is the road paved by The Back Pain Industry...

It's a smooth and shiny highway... promising short-term gains through pills and interventions that merely attempt to hide and cover up the true problem.

It's the same road that millions and millions of Americans have been funneled down...

Only to become disappointed... disillusioned... and discouraged... when they were told they'd have to learn to "manage" their pain... for life.

With the dangerous tools the Back Pain Industry gave them.

All with ZERO accountability... and ZERO guarantee.

Is that the road you want to take?

The other road... is the road Virgil is shining a light on for you... right now.

It's the road less traveled...

Because up until now, the Back Pain Industry has been so loud... it's drown out every other voice.

But it's this road... that can... and will... make all the difference.

Because the results are real... so real they're guaranteed.

So... which road will you travel?

I sincerely hope that for your sake... and for the sake of your loved ones... that, like me... you'll choose the road less traveled...

Because it WILL make all the difference.

If you're ready to flip-the-script on your endless back pain... once and for all... click the button below...

And remember, if for any reason you aren't 100% ecstatic about your results...

All it takes is a simple email... and Virgil will get you a 100% refund with no questions asked.

There's simply no reason to not start living a life free from chronic back pain...


I know with 100% certainty... that you deserve it.

I hope you do, too.

Click the button below... and I'll see you on the other side.

What Others Are Saying:

"Thank you very much for what this did for me! I had frequent headaches and a bad overall condition. I can say that now I feel better and better. May God give you health, prosperity and happiness, because what you are doing is a blessing." ~ Dana D.

"Virgil "fixed" me after giving birth. I don't have enough words to say how much I appreciate his system. This was the healing touch I needed." ~ Angela M.

"Just another two sessions and the pain is gone, completely. I want to thank Virgil for all his help. I truly recommend him to everyone who's in pain. This works. And without taking drugs." ~ Loredana S.

"This works miracles. I had a herniated disc and I feel good after only one therapy session. I recommend Virgil to anyone who's in pain. Try only one session and you'll feel amazing." ~ Nicolette P.

"In my case, a C4-C5 cervical degenerative disc disease manifested in 6 years of constantly headache and dizziness. I had difficulties concentrating, sleeping and waking up. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ~ Vance T.

Life without Backpain

"My mother was suffering from cervical spondylosis and had huge pain in the lumbar area, which had brought on depression. After only one session the pain was alleviated. The next day she was a new person, more energetic, she had such a bright face. It was something I hadn't seen in a long time." ~ Angie W.

"Diagnosed with L5-S1 herniated disc in 2014, I was told I needed surgery. Knowing the risks of this surgery I searched for alternatives. Nothing I had found made a difference, but after only one session with Virgil's system, the pain disappeared. What he's teaching is working perfectly!" ~ Marian I.

"My herniated disc provoked unbearable pains. I can now say how effective his system is. I thought the pains were permanent. I couldn't imagine how great it would be to live without them. And yes, you were totally right, I feel great now. Thank you!!" ~ George L.

"All I can say is thank you, Virgil!!! I know people are skeptical, but I recommend him from the bottom of my heart. Just try one session, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain: more energy and a pain-free, relaxed body. Well done, Virgil! ~ Laura T.

Backpain SOS

"I was suffering from lumbar problems and L4-L5 herniated disc. After only one session, I'm more pain-free than I thought I could be. I'm glad I took this decision. If only I could've done this sooner, I would've saved money and time." ~ George M.

"I had had 5 surgeries because of my herniated disc, 4 in less than a year and another one after two years. I had huge pains. Only Tramadol and Lyrica drugs worked on me. I tried Virgil's system. I was so miserably that it couldn't be worse. After one session, I got up on my feet. The tingling was gone, the numbness as well. After one day my back pain was gone, for me it was a miracle. If you don't want to go to that hell that comes after a surgery and spending a lot of money like I did, try Virgil's system first. My wife couldn't believe the miracle!" ~ Drex S.

"Thank you so much for helping me and my wife! May God keep you healthy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Randy E.

"After only one session, I got rid of the dreadful headache I had because of my spondylosis." ~ Joana B.

"My back and knees were in pain for a couple of years now. After only one session, I'm a new person. Today I move so freely and that is only due to Virgil's amazing system!" ~ Geta S.


Hey, if you're still here, you may still be thinking about your order, which I totally understand.

And... you may have some questions that I can help answer.

Here are the top questions I get in my inbox... and the answers that might help you right now.

Question: What if I can't do the stretches and moves?

Every move and stretch in the program is designed to work for EVERY body. Virgil gives you different modifications and options for each movement. He understands that not everyone comes into this program super flexible. Remember, this is the system that helped relieve my back pain... when it was in so much pain I could hardly walk!

Question: Will this work equally well for men and women?

Absolutely. Even though men and women have slight variations in their anatomy, the basic structure is still the same. Virgil's sequences have helped an equal amount of men and women.

Question: What if I'm over 65? Will this work for me too?

100% YES. Virgil built in modifications to this program so you wouldn't need to worry about figuring them out yourself. His program will guide you through each and every step so you can have confidence you're doing the right thing, at the right time.

Question: What if this doesn't work for me?

Your trust in Virgil's system is 100% protected. He's so confident you'll experience real results that he'll personally refund 100% of your investment... for a full 60 days after your purchase.

Question: How is my personal information kept safe?

Here's what will happen when you click the "add to cart" button. You'll find yourself on a 100% Secure processing platform on ClickBank's state-of-the-art payment gateway. Your personal information is electronically encrypted with the same security measures used by Amazon and the US Military. ClickBank's platform is trusted by more than 200 million customers in more than 190 countries. What's more, it's rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Question: What forms of payment can I use?

You may use a credit or debit card or PayPal to complete your purchase.

Question: Will there be hidden charges?

100% No. This will be a one-time secure investment... and you'll be able to access everything I just mentioned.

Thank you so much for investing in your back health by watching this free presentation. I can't wait to hear about your back health transformation in the days to come!